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When we came up with the concept of Beauty Dossier, REBORN was the digital agency we instantly thought of. REBORN are well known for their work in the beauty sector, having worked with many multinational clients, and we knew they would be able to help us produce high quality videos and realise the full potential of the idea.


Natasha T

Natasha T.

With Clients including Megan Gale and Zoë Foster Blake, Natasha has been making complexions more beautiful for over 25 years. Based in Sydney's Double Bay, originally trained in Moscow, Natasha's clients see results from the very first treatment.

Clients call her the "Extraction Expert"! Natasha is renowned for her specialized extractions and treatments of congested skins, as she has a highly refined technique that is both gentle and super effective. From complexion maintenance, delicate extractions, to preparing your skin for special occasions, Natasha is the Facialist on every Beauty Editor's Speed Dial.


Look Good Feel Better

Look Good Feel Better

Beauty Dossier, is excited to partner with Look Good Feel Better to help provide confidence building workshops to men, women and teens across Australia.

Beauty Dossier is pleased to donate 5% from all subscriptions to help fund Look Good Feel Better workshops.

For more information, please click here.

Mitchell Brown, co-founder of Beauty Dossier

Mitchell Brown

With a strong background in Finance, Mitchell also has an innate understanding of technology and digital trends. A Masters of Applied Finance through Finsia, a degree in Agricultural Economics via Sydney University, his highly analytical mind also has a distinct creative leaning. His passion for start up businesses, from concept to execution, is palpable. “Beauty Dossier appealed to me because of the sheer size of the industry and the opportunity. Never having worked in beauty before, I was excited to see a highly competitive and sophisticated community and bring to life Janet’s vision for this very important market."

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