Welcome to the course

Are you feeling confused by beauty? Is it all too hard? Are you stuck in a beauty rut? Sick of "anti-ageing" solutions featuring young photoshopped women? Do you want a natural, soft look, nothing over the top or too dramatic?

Welcome to Beauty Dossier. We demonstrate natural looks on four different women, all over 50, using the exact same techniques. These techniques will work for every woman. It’s all about practical information for the problems we have now, and giving you the knowledge of what you need; and just as importantly, what you don’t need. When you go to purchase beauty products, you will feel more in control of the sale.

Beauty Dossier is just as much about confidence, as it is about the end looks. The brands we use range from pharmacy to department store bands as well as the latest online brands available. Ideas to help you freshen and modernise your look. Having said that, the only rule in makeup is BLEND! So if you like a little more colour, amp it up!

  Beauty Dossier's gift to you, for a free full tutorial, click here.