Frequently Asked Questions

What is Beauty Dossier?

Beauty Dossier is an online learning course aimed at women 45+ to assist them with beauty related techniques and information. It is a one time payment which gives unlimited access for 12 months from purchase date.

How do I log in?

Go to the Home page and in the top right hand there is a Pink Button that says Log In. Simply click on that and use the password that you originally set up. If you’ve forgotten your password, go to the next question.

I forgot my Password... help?

Click here to reset your password:

Where are the emails?

Occasionally emails regarding your account may get caught up in spam filters. Please check your spam folder and add us to your safe sender list to ensure emails get through to you.

Can I get a refund?

Yes you can. If you are dissatisfied with the value of Beauty Dossier, within 21 days, simply send an email to, state why you would like a refund, and we will refund the amount, less any charges already taken by the retail partners. We would value any feedback you have as we are continually striving to make this the best online beauty course for women 45+.

What do I do if I get an allergic reaction?

Janet says in several of the tutorials to try before you buy, and even shows a neat way to do this. Janet also says to always purchase from approved retailers to avoid reactions. If however you experience an allergic reaction, simply contact the brand or retailer as most will refund the purchase. If you are normally allergic, always choose Hypo Allergenic brands, but even then, test before you purchase.

Why aren’t there any ads on Beauty Dossier?

Janet felt very strongly that she wanted to give her authentic opinion on products, and brand advertising can sometimes sway content. This is why it is a paid learning course full of information only.

Can I substitute products?

Of course! Janet is talking about brands she actually uses, has used and recommended previously. If you have a similar product by another brand, simply follow the techniques and the end result should be very similar.

Can I use Beauty Dossier if I am younger than 45+?

Absolutely. The principle and techniques demonstrated are aimed at 45+ women, but they work perfectly if you are younger and want a soft neutral look.

Can I share my experience with Beauty Dossier?

We love feedback! Simply send us an email at with details of your experience (and photos if you would like them shared on our website!)

Can I share the videos from the course?

We would love you to share the word about Beauty Dossier! However, strict copyright laws prevent anyone from sharing the course videos, the only way to access the course is to purchase it, so if you want to share, please direct your friends to

I need a tax invoice, help?

Due to a limitation with our course provider we are currently unable to automatically generate a tax invoice for Australian businesses. Should you require one, please email and we'll create one for you.

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