Foundation & Concealers

It's easier than you think to get a fresh, flattering complexion!

A big topic and one that's worth getting right. How do you get your colour right? Is your foundation making you look older? Is your foundation caking? Do you get "tide marks" around the jawline?

In this tutorial we show three different formats. A BB Cream for a light, barely there look; a liquid for a little more coverage; and a cream for maximum coverage. The technique of application is identical.

Do you have a sun damaged neck and chest and want to even it out to match your face? What about darkness around the eyes? Are you missing a common spot on women 45+ that can make a huge difference?

With concealer, if you get the right product and the right colour and you need only apply a little. The less product used under the eyes, the less product to "settle" into the fine lines around the eyes.

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