Eyeliner & Eye Shadow

Yes, you can wear eye makeup and it's SIMPLE and super flattering!

Most women pull back on eye makeup as they get older, yet bizarrely, this is the one area where we can really have fun.

Darkened lower lids are super flattering and modern on a woman 45+. Are you not sure what colour eye makeup to buy? Not sure where to apply it?

This tutorial explains why the first colour product we apply is eyeliner! It explains where to put eyeshadow if your eyes are a little heavy or puffy. We also show you eye makeup using just one colour over eye primer, and then using two colours as an alternative. Simple and easy.

We also discuss the most universally flattering colours for women 45+ for both eye shadow and eye liner.

A tip: rethink + avoid black eyeliner.

  Beauty Dossier's gift to you, for a free full tutorial, click here.