Dealing with Mature Oily Skin

The great news is you age so much better than women with drier skins!

This one is for the oily skins out there! (Special shout out to Tracey in the U.S.!)

The majority of mature skins tend to be drier, but there are still many women 45+ with oily skins. The good news is that oily skins tend to age much better than dry skins, but that is small comfort when you are dealing with oily breakouts and makeup sliding off, particularly in the summer heat!

Start with skincare. As with any skin needs, the better you manage the skin’s issues, the easier it is to manage makeup issues. Makeup can only do so much, so take a fresh look at how you are looking after your oily skin.

1. You still need moisture!

A'kinLook for products that will add moisture without adding oil, and it will help balance out the look and feel of your skin. If an oily skin is dehydrated, it can exacerbate the look and feel of the problem. Gel moisturisers are perfect for oily skins, adding moisture without oil. A’kin White Tea and Aloe Vital Hydration Facial Gel Crème is a great one to try. The ingredients deliver a hydrated, yet matte looking skin and it’s super lightweight, cooling and absorbs quickly.

2. Skincare: Masks

Clinique maskClay and Charcoal masks are brilliant! Use twice per week on the oily area only. They absorb excess oil and shrink the look of pores. Excellent if you suffer from blackheads! (If you put them on skin that is not oily, it will dehydrate your skin quickly.) I used to apply a clay mask on my nose area only when I was younger and it was amazing at soaking up excess oil and shrinking my pores. After 4 weeks of using a clay mask, twice per week, you should start to see and feel a real improvement in excess oil production. Try Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Charcoal Mask. The charcoal powders and mineral clays in this are so effective in gently extracting excess oil and impurities yet super gentle as they work.

3. Pimple / Spot Treatments

Avene CleananceJust because we’re older does not mean we’re immune to pimples and spots. Use gentle spot removers. Many on the market are very drying and that can lead to redness around the blemish as they’re doing out not only the blemish but the skin around it. Take a look at the Avène Cleanance range. They have a number of products designed for Oily skin, yet are SUPER gentle. I’m obsessed with Avène. Mica and Kaolin contained in the Cleanance Spot Treatment gently dry out blemishes without stripping the skin around the spot.

4. Makeup: Primers

Revlon Anti Shine PrimerI am a fan of primers as you will recall from the series. There are a few very good primers to use under your makeup (or even wear alone). Try the Revlon Prime + Anti Shine Compact. Super mattifying, yet lightweight. This primer is designed specifically for oily skins will help keep oiliness at bay through the day.

5. Blotting Papers

Bobbi Brown blotting paperBlotting Papers are little slivers of paper you gently press onto your skin as oiliness begins to break through. They soak up the oil without disturbing your makeup. Try the Bobbi Brown Blotting Papers which come in a very cool dispenser case, perfect for touch-ups throughout the day and are a great alternative to pressed powders.

6. Foundations

Benefit WowWhilst you don’t want a dewy look, I would still avoid a hard matte. Ask for a “velvet” finish. There are so many different looks now as opposed to the old dewy and matte only. You want a foundation that will actively reduce oil break thru during the day, and at the same time give you a soft look. Sometimes, real matte makeups can look look a little cakey thru the day once the oil begins to break thru. Try Benefit Hello Flawless- Oxygen Wow Makeup. Revlon and Estee Lauder also have great semi-matte and velvet makeups.

As per the Beauty Dossier mantra, feel free to ask for samples at the counters. Other than the Spot Treatments, all the others can be decanted into your little plastic pot if they don’t have samples available. You want to feel confident that the products you purchase are right for you.

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