The top 5 most common skincare mistakes on women 45+

Skincare products call out new miracle claims and ingredients to us every single day! Is it worth it? Do I need to spend a fortune? Yes it is, and no you don’t! The key point to remember is it’s never too late to start making a difference to how your skin looks.

1. Using the wrong products

Identify YOUR skin type. Once you start using products that are designed specifically for YOUR skin’s needs, you can really impact the way your skin looks. This is not the time to buy products that are on sale if they’re not right for you. This is not when you use products your daughter uses because they work for her. It’s YOUR skin.

2. Routine

Like anything, routine is what gives results when it comes to skincare. There is no point having a facial every few months, or trying sample products that run out quickly, and not following through with good skincare habits every morning and night. Find the right basics and start using them religiously. You need it to become a habit before you see the results.

3. Cleansing

Our face is exposed 24/7. We need to ensure we cleanse it properly, or the moisturisers and active products that we apply really won’t penetrate and work. If they are being applied to skin that is not properly prepared to receive the ingredients, it’s a waste of time and money. A quick face wash in the shower is not enough. (Though there are shortcuts as we discuss in Beauty Dossier!)

4. Dehydrated skin

EVERY skin needs moisture. Even if you have oily or combination skin, EVERY skin needs moisture, and that is the step that can really impact softening the appearance of deep wrinkles and lines.

5. Not taking your skincare habits to your neck and décolletage

Always treat your neck and your décolletage as you do the skin on your face. So many of us over 40 have a disconnect between our face and our neck from a misspent youth…treat that area gently as you would your face to see improvement in texture and clarity. We have a top facialist show you on Beauty Dossier how she applies her own products on her skin at home.

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