The most common makeup mistakes women 45 plus make

It’s so easy to get stuck in a makeup rut when we’ve been doing it for years. Freshening up your colours and techniques can instantly modernise your look and make you feel so much more confident. We want our face to be noticed, not our makeup.

1. The wrong foundation

Selecting the right foundation using the three swipes techniqueGet your foundation colour and formula right! Take time to trial different brands and different formulas in store to ensure your selection is as close to your natural skin tone as possible. Remember the 3 swipes on the jawline, as shown in Beauty Dossier. And always check the colour in daylight, not fluoro lighting in-store as it’s very different. Natural light is the best way to decide colour.

2. Wearing too much makeup

Avoid applying too much of any product! Most of us think we need more product than we actually do. Formulas today are usually “buildable” which means you can start with a little, then add more if you want to take it up a notch. It’s so much easier to start with a little and then add more, than to apply too much and have to wipe it off, or tone it down.

3. Black eye products

Other than mascara, black eyeliner, shadow and brow products can be very unforgiving. Try using different colours that are not as harsh, and the end result will be more youthful and natural. Try the colours that are universally flattering demonstrated in Beauty Dossier for a modern, flattering look.

4. Makeup that is not blended as well as it could be

Just when you think you’ve blended, blend again. This is the secret to a professional looking soft makeup as harsh unblended lines make you look like you are wearing too much makeup.

5. Dark lipstick

Many women realise they need a little more colour on their face as we get older, and immediately think lipstick. Try amping up the eyes and cheeks instead, and keep the lips neutral and it instantly makes the look much more contemporary.

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